6 feb. 2010

¿Es posible enseñar ciencias sin hablar de pobreza?

El presente link podreis encontrar un artículo en gallego publicado en el año 2007 en el que se intentar responder a la pregunta de si es posible enseñar ciencias sin tener que mencionar la pobreza.

"To teach sciences is not only to show concepts, ideas and work methods. The teaching of the experimental or factuals sciences can foment the student’s growth like relationship person. For that, it is convenient to locate the scientific activity inside a social, cultural and personal frame, that is to say, we will take as starting point the CTS and the intercultural science currents. Keeping in mind the science implications with the problems that affect the whole humanity; we will notice in the poverty context. The present article is a theoretical reflection on that thematic one and looks for to bury the columns of a more personalist pedagogy"

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